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Is Liskov Substitiuton Principle violated by async pattern?

The async/await keywords change methods behavior. When async/await pattern is used, the method never throws an exception. The method always returns a task which can be eventually Faulted, Canceled or RunToCompletion. So why do I think about violating Liskov Substitution Principle?

SQL Trick – Multiple Values Query

Sometimes system flexibility makes the solution complicated 😉 . Imagine a ‘simple’ situation that you have a system in which a client can define new attribute and assign multiple values to it. Later, the client can assign these values to the Customers. If you do not plan to develop new attributes’ set every time a client wants to make a change, you will need to prepare a ‘dynamic’ structure in the database.

Resolving AD groups membership

Big companies have huge internal structures. The problem they have is that huge structures have to be mapped into a permission model. One company I worked for had over 300k groups in Active Directory. As worldwide organization they have multiple domains in AD forest. Of course, various groups have various memberships so the structure was really complicated.

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