My name is Mariusz Krzanowski.
I work in IT since 1999. Computer Science always was and is my passion. I work on various positions. Sometimes as developer, sometimes as architect. Everything depends of client needs. Detailed information about my carrier is on my LinkedIn profile.

This blog is created for me and my friends. It allows me to keep my knowledge about various problems in one place. Another, more important reason is hope that this blog can help others. I’ve always wanted to create blogs, but the first step is always the hardest. I hope that after this first step blogging become easier.

I decided to share my knowledge in english for few reasons. First reason is that articles in english can be read and understood by wider audience. Second reason is simpler. I’ve always wrote application using english language. I wrote documentation in english, so for me its easier to use english. Especially words describing problem likes service, domain driven design, factory are more familiar for me than native translations.

Let you never lack the processing power